Where did fall go? It seems like the leaves just changed colors, and now, well they're gone. Beautiful things always happen too quickly and leave of us wanting more. I suppose that's what makes them so beautiful.
By the way this cool dude is Andy, and I'm his assistant. The pumpkin we carved was a big hit in the neighborhood and with all of his friends. He likes to make sure I'm doing a good job, no matter what we're doing.


One of the perks of living in Portland is that there is crazy nature surrounding you. Need to get out of the city? Well then just an hour away is the coast or mountains! This is Multnomah Falls. The initial waterfall is breathtaking, but many take that at face value and leave. Not us, we hiked to the top of this beaut. We looked over the edge. And still, we did more! We continued hiking after many of the women in heels (I'm not sure how they got up that far, but I didn't envy them) and other tourists went back down. The farther into Larch Mountain we went, the happier I was that we kept going. There was a least a dozen more waterfalls, too many ferns (and banana slugs) to count, and best of all I got to hang out with my mama. (and it was my birthday, so I was having a pretty good day)


What feels like many many years ago, my dear friend Jessica and I made the long trip from Missouri to Chicago on bus. The trip included wandering Millennium Park early in the morning (we might of put on makeup and painted our fingernails too, we had no place else to go!), enjoyed the summer heat while Jessica quizzed me on buildings, and making new friends at the Blues Festival that just happened to be happening.
Amongst the many memories, Jess took this picture of me.


I've been working on a book about a girl giraffe that is scared to cut her hair. All day long she causes disasters that involve her hair. All of the figures and hair were cut out of craft paper by free hand and glued. The background was done in watercolor. The faces, text, and shadowing were all done in Photoshop.

I really have enjoyed working on this project. I'm learning how to work with my traditional handmade art with different computer softwares. This concept was difficult for me at first. I have always used physical, what I can touch materials. Since I've started my graphic design program it has led me use ideas and techniques that seemed out of range for me.

I love working with paper (you'll see more projects in the near future that involve paper). I especially love the look of cutouts. I paired these clean line, bright colored cutouts with the look of free flowing, loose watercolors. The contrast between the two combine together to make a very well balanced feel.


Tis' the Season...

... well almost. November is almost over and it's time for the real festivities to begin. These decorations are for a special family I know and definitely inspired by Oregon scenery. Pinecones, sea shells, mountains, and natural materials! (Oh and go Ducks!) Also there is some California roll and the circulatory system thrown in the mix.. I love special personalization!
Now I just need to get started on mine... Cat themed? Ferns? Robots? It's too hard to decide!


Best of....

... DUCKY! So this is my dog, we do photo shoots on a regular basis. I can't blame her for being so vain though, not everyone can look the way she does.
I may or may not be obsessed, it's up in the air right now.
You can see a portrait of her right here.

I won't be home for Christmas, but these will be! Hopefully these cards will be enough to spread my love until I can get back. I made a block print for each of these. I enjoyed using not so Christmasy colors with such classic icons. And of course I had to make a cat card! (The inside says Have a Very Meowy Christmas!! bahaha) I've also been working on ornaments, but that's another day!



I painted a set of dishes with ceramic paint, once baked stays on forever (although I'd recommend washing the dishes by hand). I don't know what's more inspiring than cats! 
I've also realized that I enjoy tedious, long projects. Very, very tedious....


always on my mind

Since moving to Oregon I have been obsessing over this mountainous landscape. It just won't stop being amazing to me. Not only have the mountains been on my mind, the color palette of these giants has been too. All the greens, blues, slightly off pinks, and earthy tones have been running rampant in my paintings (and in my closet). 
P.S.- That's my dog Ducky, slightly jazzed up, although she is normally quite classy without her monocle. Added to this post because of all those brilliant mountain colors. 


Recently I began a graphic design program. Here are some of the projects I've completed. I've been surprised at myself, in a good way.


lost and found

The other day I found several rolls of film that I didn't know I had. When they were developed I realized I had been hoarding these suckers for over three years. Needless to say I'm happy to of found them, I was feeling nostalgic of Missouri landscape.
The bottom pictures were taken in Oregon this summer, with this 360 camera. They were taken at the coast, in the forest near a dozen or so waterfalls, and at an old obsidian flow. I know, I know, I'll stop bragging now.