This morning I went for a hike in Forest Park. I got to listen to birds sing, creeks babble, and received many smiles and good mornings from fellow hikers. It was a nice retreat and I'd been scoping the area out on my way to work for several weeks. I love the giant trees, but all the little creatures growing everywhere are just as beautiful (if not more and I just can't get over it).


winter beach fun

These were taken on Cannon Beach while Alicia was here visiting. You can see Haystack Rock in the distance, but the tides were too high to go look at the starfish and mussels. The top picture is my favorite. It is so haunting and abstract.
(jake was the photographer of the day)


I'm still not use to how much it rains here. In fact it rains so much that it's easy to find foliage and fauna that look like it should belong under water. Moss and lichen grow on anything that stands still for longer than hour it seems. (Which has led me to the fact that I shouldn't move too slowly while out and about.)


It's always the small things that make the difference. It's what makes an apartment more than an apartment. 


I've had a very productive weekend. In between homework, working on ads, laundry, and playing with my pup, I painted a couple cards. It's always nice to have a stockpile, just in case something pops up. (I learned this from the greatest stockpiler there is, my mother.)


how much do i love my cat?

Enough to give her her own post. (it's weird when the same word can be written twice in a row and be grammatically correct)


I'm preparing for several things this year.
1. summertime in Portland (constant dampness seems to be the theme right now)
2. developing more film (doing it myself perhaps?)
3. growing some veggies (in 75ish days I'll have peppers or that's what it says on the packet..)
4. hardwood floors (new apartment, here I come)
5. starting and completing and collaborating and creating and doing


deer country

My past week included searching for hidden treasures on our creek, finding hidden treasures in antique stores, eating way too much good food, and much needed family time. 


This year I made all of my Christmas presents (which was very time consuming, but very personalized). These were for two of my friends that love their pit bulls, perhaps a bit too much at times. I love the cut out look of the dogs against the mixed colors of the watercolor. The puzzle of putting the paper together to make an image is something I really enjoy doing (and wish I would of discovered that I'm actually good at it a long long time ago).