I went for a walk the other day with the sole intention of just getting some movement in my life, especially since it was sunny out. I ended up spending most of my time looking up, at the trees. It seems that most of us underestimate the beauty of the tree trunk. We color it brown, when there is obviously so much more.


My adventuring boyfriend isn't feeling too well. For now we just have to reminisce on just a few short days ago.


We went to Yachats (Ya-hots is how you say it) because I heard that this town has the best tide pools. Ever. And I would have to say that I was not disappointed. We found so many creatures in little nooks all over the beach. Each pool had something special and unique to it, so clearly my excitement didn't die down for a long while.
I will also have to say that I have a mountain goat of a dog. 


These sum up the past couple days; dreary and full of little surprises.


We are on our way to the coast tomorrow to spend a well deserved break from life. We are stocked with cameras, the pup, and some road jams courtesy of Jake. And if all goes well, we will be returning with many images of ocean creatures, lighthouses, and crashing waves in our minds and to share. I'll leave you with some things I enjoyed this weekend, warming sunlight and fresh herbs from my own plants.

I've been cooking with a lot of fruits lately, it must be the fresh spring air (or me trying to make my own spring in this rainy weather). The colors are just so bright and refreshing. It makes me anxious to go pick some of my own fruit from the farms around here. Cmon summer!



Sooooo yesterday, this is the gift spring gave me (and by gift I really mean knife in the back). I still find all this quite beautiful, but when the rest of the country is enjoying such lovely weather, I'm feeling a bit left out. 


I've been so busy lately working on multiple projects, but not feeling like I was getting anything done. Which leads me to say that I am happy to announce I am starting my 10 day vacation tomorrow! (And by vacation I mean finish as much stuff as I possibly can) Something that I have no choice in finishing is schoolwork, these are two covers that I have designed. It seems like no matter what I make, whether by hand or computer, I get very organic designs. 


I created a new packaging design for cotton swabs for school. I thought it was pretty nice looking, what do you think? (I hate those ugly boxes they come in....)


I bought this pretty lady loving the way she looked before she even bloomed. Then the little bundles of joy opened and were even more delightful. They filled the apartment with a sweet (maybe just a bit pungent) smell of spring and outdoors. I finally placed them in their new homes, right after I painted my nails. (I've decided it's a nice cover up for just a bit of dirt underneath.)


Just another Sunday afternoon (way too many carbs, but so worth it).