I decided to go on a nice cool walk before heading to the sauna that is called Missouri. 
I love that Portland yard are so overgrown, overgrown with roses, poppies, succulents, and even more roses. (It's hard not to wander into them.)


 It's almost July, yet I haven't:
gone swimming/fishing
picked any fresh vegetable or fruit
gotten a tan line
ran from june bugs
heard the buzz of mosquito

Summers are quite different here than the Midwest. 


Everyday I feel a bit more at home at our new apartment and neighborhood. 


Who knew I would feel so nostalgic at such a young age. Feeling a bit like these photos and listening to this, geez. 
(taken with our 35mm Holga)


I'm going home in less than two weeks.
My parents like to say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

(These photos were taken several years ago, my brother would now probably be embarrassed by this now... but he was so stinkin' cute.)


ALSO, I just added some new cards to the Etsy shop
Beginning to feel like summer here, it's time for veggies and beaches!

So I have some big news, I started a Kickstarter project for my children's book. I would love for you to check it out, support, and even spread the link around. The more eyes that see it, the better luck I'll have!! (I'm super excited, but nervous.....)


one day i will have:

a house on a cliff on the coast (preferably with plenty of lawn chairs overlooking the water)
subway tiles (in kitchen, bathroom, EVERYWHERE)
a full passport
a garden full of veggies
a goat, some chickens, and who knows, maybe a sheep!