If I can't get a goat, I might as well get bees. That's logical thinking right?


Named so appropriately and completely representative of spring - it's a tulip tree.


“She looked at her roses. They were white, some incurved and holy, others expanded in an ecstacy. The tree was dark as a shadow. She lifted her hand impulsively to the flowers; she went forward and touched them in worship.” - D.H. Lawrence, Sons & Lovers


I'm itching to go on a new adventure, go camping, get out of the city (away from my computer, mainly). C'mon Spring, inspire me!


We watched the sun set and I felt a slight tinge of melancholy.


I watched a bird sing to the sky this morning. I saw the sun flood my kitchen with light slowly. I saw my coffee brew, my oatmeal boil, and my day start.

Sometimes it's nice just to observe.


This was a trip of many firsts for us. We saw hundreds and hundreds of starfish, some that I'd never seen before. We saw millions of tiny crabs in what looked like snail shells, anemones, and creepy crawlies I don't have names for. Walking on the rocks, looking into their worlds is somewhat of a stressful experience though. Each individual rock has many creatures living on (and under) it that I might smash. It's weird to think each step I take actually has effect on another living thing, so I walked very carefully.
Maybe I always should.


I love finding new-to-me plants when traveling around Oregon. These orchid-like yellow flowers are from a plant called gorse, which is an extremely thorny shrub. There were yellow hills all over the coast.


I realized on our camping trip, there is no greater feeling than making a great fire. Such success with delicious rewards.



We went to Jedidiah Redwood State Park. It was our first time with redwoods. Like Jake says, I'll never look at another tree the same after this.

Redwoods put a bit of perspective on life- they can live up to 2000 years- and we get to stand next to them!?