Just a quick scramble, cold wading, slight unbelief, and a bit of negotiating. 


We welcomed the chilly summer solstice by a fire, telling stories, drawing our future (so totally dreamy) home, & planning out a bit of what's next.



My Papaw took me to his barn. He showed me his tools and equipment, but more importantly, he showed me the huge pile of wood he and my dad chopped. He told me how much work they did and how much more is to be done. He sounded happy about both facts.

My Papaw reminded to be proud of everything I do, regardless of how seemingly mundane and tasking. He reminded me that I should be happy to do these things because really that's what our lives are made of, so why not look forward to it?


Snapshots of my recent trip to Missouri, the state of perhaps a not-so-understated beauty.


Jessica and Sam's wedding was beautiful, well thought out (I mean, it had a logo), just so them. The weekend was full of love and friendships, both old and brand new.
J + S = 

(please pardon my poor photo quality, I was having too much fun to get my camera out)