I've gotten some pretty substantial goods this month (mostly thanks to my fantastic mother). Those cameras are the best. I really wish that the developing paper was still made for that old Polaroid.

Aaaand I finally got a bike, finally! It is certainly a sweet little ride and I love that gear shift.


portland summer walks taken with my new camera given to me by parents.
(can you find the moon twice?)


My dog may be the hipster of all dogs. She loves to pose, but act like she's not posing. She loves floral patterns, natural materials, and farmer's markets (free treats anyone?) She has a fashionable gap between her front teeth and just got her hair buzzed. I think she may be more trendy than her owner.

(even her shadow is cute......)



Lately I've been having trouble bridging the gap from what I am doing and what I'd like (need) to be doing. I know what my goals are, but it gets a bit murky on how to get there. I've definitely taken a step back from trying to keep up with certain things that were beginning to burn me out, but felt I should keep up with (and it feels nice not to be checking something always). This feels like an important time.

but then it's summer and beautiful out and I just got a new bike and I think the sun and breeze just might solve everything.


Gardens, baby watermelons, cousins, cows in fields, wild grape vines, tomatoes. 


Missouri summers. Everything slows down and becomes a bit lazier (at least anything that resides/works outside, including myself). It felt nice to take a break from work, school, and the internet in general. 

(getting back into my routine proved to be a bit more difficult than breaking it.)


I went to Missouri for ten days. I spent my time cooking, sweating, laying around, sweating, and visiting with my extended family. We swam, had our first annual Family Olympics, endured a pizza fiasco, and set off fireworks (some went off better than others). 
It went by entirely way too quickly.

(and I miss everyone already)