We went clamming in Coos Bay, and I've decided it is one of my favorite hobbies (can you call it a hobby if you've done it one weekend?) As a midwestern, every discovery on the coast is an adventure and I'm usually amazed and obnoxiously telling everyone about it.
So here I am telling you.


Our new favorite beach - 7 Devils - full of creatures, dead and alive.
(not pictured: a dead porcupine & walrus?, a baby prawn, so many agate stones, & no humans in sight!)


Imagine exploring all of this with a lot of 'what-if…. can-you-imagine…. we-could…. i'd-rather…. but-really-i-love-this-place' discussion.



At the end, there's a click-click-click-click of lids sealing and that's when you really know what success is.


Light seems to love her and she's happy to pose in it. 


Lately we've been lounging at home. It may be the heat or we're just trying to make time slow down, it's hard to tell. Weeks begin and end so quickly, days blur together, and fall is almost here. So before summer is no longer making her appearance; here's to the peaches with juice that run down your arm, laying in the backyard because the house is too hot, knowing that the clouds in the morning will be gone by afternoon, and it still being light out after 6.

(Also we chose a new-to-us cat to share her time in our home and seems to love the sun more than all of us.)