My Morning Routine

1. Make coffee via Chemex
2. Step outside with coffee and dog in tow, watch the sky brighten.
3. More coffee.
4. Water my growing plants (LOOK, it's a pepper! He needs all the water he can get!)
5. Trip over the pumpkins surrounding the front door, at least once.
6. Set off on another adventure


Around here we have been spending some time on the floor. I've started a watercolor still life on some lusciously textured paper (truly, is there anything better in the world) and worked on some fall decor to get our inside as colorful as our outside.

And really I'm not against bringing some of that outside in. I've been collecting buck-eyes from some trees in the neighborhood over the past couple weeks. I'll just say that the collection has grown considerably since that photo was taken.


Today I was driving home from work, and I felt something. I felt it as drove through the forest of changing leaves, I felt it when I saw Mt. Hood, I felt it when I drove over the river and saw all of Portland and her hills. I didn't really know what this feeling was, until I walked into my home.
It's contentment.


The weather has officially changed here. Walks are looking less appealing, while staying in and making things seems to be much more. Knowing that this will be the trend for the next several months, I'm looking forward to being productive. I love making lists, planning my time, and checking it all off.

(Also, do any of you want to become 'pen pals', send some things from our daily lives back and forth... eh?? Email me if you're interested!)


Lately I've started a new habit. While I'm walking, painting, driving, I find something around me that I'm grateful for.
One day it was the fact that my neighborhood use to be an orchard, and really, it still is.
One day it was for the beautiful homes around my home, that make me feel welcome.
One day it was for wind dried and sun kissed clothes in my back yard.

Today I'm still awestruck (and so incredibly grateful) that I am here, alive, 24 years later.


This is the real wild west. I felt like such a rebel. 
I could live in this (maybe someday). 

I mean, really, what a view.....



Itchy skin, oatmeal baths, water, everywhere..... impromptu photo shoot.
(She's feeling much better now)


Prints on my walls, without frames, mats, accessories. They still look nice, simple, warm.


California, land that will break your heart. 
Then make it all better.