I started using Instagram at the beginning of April. You can follow me (allysimmonz) and see what I'm up to during the day. Who else uses Instagram? I would love to see what beautiful pictures you are taking!


If I were to buy a house today, I would have to say it would be in this area. They are all so historic and stately. Each one has it's own personality and is completely different from it's neighbor. Not to mention they have fantastic view of the trees, the city, and the mountain. (Oh those stone garages built into the hills, I think I could just live in one of those and be happy)


Portland is filled with flowers and smelling amazing. It's hard to not want to go on walks, even when it is raining. I've gone on several walks with Andy in my favorite residential area, up in the Northwest hills. It isn't the easiest place to walk with him, but it is completely worth the views and beautiful houses. 


Just around here... 
We are moving at the end of May and even though things are all in their places here, I'm excited to reorganize, redecorate, just remake what we have. I'm feeling a bit stagnant.