City of Books

These are some ads that I completed for a class. I got to choose any product to advertise, so I chose Powell's Bookstore. Powell's boasts that they have the largest bookstore in the world (it really is huge), so I decided to play that up. (My favorite is of course the Gone With The Wind, but I'm still working one that has potential.)


Christmas equals lots and lots of food. Double chocolate chip cookies, homemade rolls (my first bread making experience, they weighed about 3 pounds each), sautéed brussels sprouts, and twice baked potatoes! (Also not pictured a roast, deviled eggs, and a chocolate mousse pie; oh my!) Let's just say that both Jake and I were very full after this (and a few pounds heavier, with many many leftovers.) 


hold onto your bacon!

I finally made it to the infamous Voodoo Donuts. I got the maple bacon donut and I have never been so upset, shortly after the last picture I dropped one of the pieces of bacon on the street. And I think if no one would of been next to me I might of picked it back up, but I suppose I have more self respect than that. Maybe. 


The Adventures of Jake and Ally......
 to be continued.


I don't think I will ever be sick of the coast, even when it is freezing. The tide was in this day and was always ready to chase me when I got too far in, trying to look for sand dollars which are always in abundance at this beach. As much as I love the West Coast, I think I'm ready to get some tropics in my life.


make animation

Two of my favorite things, Haystack Rock and Lomography. (I can't wait to get this 120 film developed!)


Homemade eggnog! Oh so fattening and delicious! 
I have only had the eggnog from the grocery store and it is nothing compared to this.


Today was an adventure! We went to the notorious food carts downtown and ate some delicious Thai and melt in your mouth donuts. Then we drove to the hills to see houses on stilts and the top park of Portland. One side you can oversee Portland and on the other all the forests and hills heading toward the coast. Days like this make me so happy I moved here.