There has been some additions to our home lately. We've been thrifting (like crazy), building new things (Jake), and painting (me). There must be something in the air...


The bulb flowers are jumping out the ground so quickly that clumps of dirts are still sticking to the tops. The crocus are blooming in hundreds around my neighborhood, soon to be followed by the tulips and daffodils that are budding impatiently. I found this little bulb sitting on the sidewalk, roots sticking out of one end and a couple inches of green from the other. I took her home, planted her, and so quickly did she grow a few inches and bud, I didn't even notice. Yesterday I took a couple photos of her still closed flower. Then over night, just to show off, she woke to say, good morning Ally.


An impromptu journey to the coast, and a reluctant trek back. 


Today I rode my bike to my new job, then (more leisurely) rode back home.
I saw the first blooms of the year. (I smelled them in the air before I saw them) I rode over bumps in the road from tree roots. I smiled at other bikers, some just learning. It felt a bit like spring... and it felt a bit like home.



I've been a bit stressed, a bit anxious, a bit restless lately (sometimes I feel so worried about the future that I don't stop and enjoy the present) So I've been trying to finish what I need to do on my computer and then get off and get out, which sounds easier than done.
The easiest way for me to clear my mind and have a new outlook is going for a walk, taking a day off, getting out of my normal atmosphere. Luckily for me I've been able to do all of these lately and come back feeling inspired and ready.
Not everything is how I want it to be, but at least now I feel like it will work out.
(And I know I can always be happy with what I have.)

(This was at Mt. Tabor Park, one place I wouldn't mind living by.)