What started as a mediocre (and somewhat annoying) day turned into a pretty happy day. It's a nice reminder what seems so horrible will pass by, some times quicker than others.

These buds are in my backyard. I can't wait to see what they transform into. (Does anyone know what they are??)


I spent quite a few hours recently outdoors. I raked, weeded, dug, planted, replanted, nourished, and pruned. I have to say, I'm exhausted and there's still dirt under my nails. BUT after all this work will come delicious rewards (and of course more work).


And the spring cleaning has begun, I can't wait to open the windows.


After digging through old photos I stumbled across these, when Jess visited the first time (almost two years ago!!!) They made me smile, remember, but most of all, look forward to whats to come.


So I think I'm ready for spring to hit. I got the snow storm of my dreams and since then I have started to feel little breezes of warm(er) air. The bulbs are starting to bloom and there are buds on so many trees. I'm looking forward to great events this year, some planned, and many not.


A couple of weekends ago we scouted out some camping destinations for this summer. It seems as we've gathered up quite a list- canyons, dunes, redwoods, fossil beds, beaches, rivers, tropical forests,  and deserts. The best part? They are all within a day's drive. Nothing makes me love Oregon more than that fact.


While these weren't taken in Portland, they seemed fitting for this wintery weekend.

We traveled through a town whose trees were completed covered in this thick frost. They are beautiful, but a bit haunting at dusk.


Big news- it has snowed in Portland (& it's still snowing!)

I love the feeling of newness when out for walks, where nothing looks quite the same but you know you've seen it so many times before. Your home feels cozier, a book more welcoming, a warm cup (of anything) a necessity. And with the cross country skiers on every street, this storm seems pretty light hearted.

I plan to stay warm with this recipe, this book, and lots of blankets.