Jake: It's nice to look through the house. It looks different from here.


Honestly, I go out in search of flower tunnels just to walk in, out, in, stop, smell, look up, walk out, and through one more time. Its an experience I recommend.


A trip that looks bleak, but was quite wonderful. I told each house we passed "I could live there".
And I could.


I found a disposable camera. Both of these were on it. One was from almost 6 years ago. One was from a month ago. Can you guess which is which?


I found some old film.
We relived a camping trip.
Jake felt victory for his successful boat, I felt extreme loss as mine sunk before it hit water.
We laughed at Jake's camping still-lifes of lichen swizzle sticks.
We smelt campfire, but mainly because we were just sitting by one.
Maybe this is time travel.


Just when I am able to get a grasp on my surroundings, the light changes and I start all over again.