These two only like to work together when it involves waking someone up.
They make a great team. 


I know, I take a lot of pictures when I go to the coast. It's such a novelty to me. After being landlocked for my entire life, the ocean being so near still gets to me. Each time I visit, I want to stay more and longer. We drive through small coast towns and I pick out houses out on the hills that I could totally work with. I ask Jake at least once each trip,"Don't you think we could live here?" 

Of course, I'm not romaticizing what my life would be like on the coast. 


We've been exploring the our new neighborhood, but always find ourselves drawn to street that overlooks the river and industrial area below. It's not surprising though. It has an amazing view, especially of the sunset, along with a fun footpath that leads to a dog park and into a forest of dill as tall as me ending in a steep climb back up to the top. Farther along the street we caught glimpses of downtown before it turns us back into the houses and eventually our own.


I don't want to show too much of the new house (there will be a grand reveal, we've worked too hard to make it a casual sort of thing you know, and who doesn't love before and afters). Yet I feel like I have been keeping a huge part of my life hidden, so I'll let you in on some of my favorite parts. There was a lion left on a beam on our front porch to welcome any upcoming visitors which was a grand discovery for us. Of course my sister and her cat moved in with us, both making the list of favorites. And then there's the backyard... It was left in shambles for us, but one of the reasons that made me pick this house. We get to garden, eat outside, find giant (I mean GIANT) snails, actually work on outdoor projects outside, go on adventures (mainly the dog and cat experience this, but we can daydream), drink coffee on our little park table in the morning, talk to neighbors through fences... Let's just say the list goes on.


We have been spending a lot of time the past couple weeks with home improvements, plus side projects (generally this is called work, it just seems to get in our way.)
Sometimes it's good to step back from it all and take a breath. A salty, oceanic breath is the most regenerating, fyi.


I love shooting with film. Digital may be more convenient, but film photos always have added depth, just that special feel that seems to capture the moment. This was from a walk in Forest Park several weeks ago when we had an unusual warm (I mean HOT) week way too early. This day ended with grilling and lounging outside in the sun. I hope to repeat this day many more times this summer.



We have made two additions to the household, a move, home improvements, gardening, and lots of painting (with much, much more to go) in the past two weeks. The last memories of the apartment are just a blur.