I don't want to show too much of the new house (there will be a grand reveal, we've worked too hard to make it a casual sort of thing you know, and who doesn't love before and afters). Yet I feel like I have been keeping a huge part of my life hidden, so I'll let you in on some of my favorite parts. There was a lion left on a beam on our front porch to welcome any upcoming visitors which was a grand discovery for us. Of course my sister and her cat moved in with us, both making the list of favorites. And then there's the backyard... It was left in shambles for us, but one of the reasons that made me pick this house. We get to garden, eat outside, find giant (I mean GIANT) snails, actually work on outdoor projects outside, go on adventures (mainly the dog and cat experience this, but we can daydream), drink coffee on our little park table in the morning, talk to neighbors through fences... Let's just say the list goes on.

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