One of the perks of living in Portland is that there is crazy nature surrounding you. Need to get out of the city? Well then just an hour away is the coast or mountains! This is Multnomah Falls. The initial waterfall is breathtaking, but many take that at face value and leave. Not us, we hiked to the top of this beaut. We looked over the edge. And still, we did more! We continued hiking after many of the women in heels (I'm not sure how they got up that far, but I didn't envy them) and other tourists went back down. The farther into Larch Mountain we went, the happier I was that we kept going. There was a least a dozen more waterfalls, too many ferns (and banana slugs) to count, and best of all I got to hang out with my mama. (and it was my birthday, so I was having a pretty good day)

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  1. Ya. It was a good day! We need to do it again. Thank goodness Jake had a stash of goodies so we had enough energy to make it! You need to post the slugs. They were great. :)


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