I've been working on a book about a girl giraffe that is scared to cut her hair. All day long she causes disasters that involve her hair. All of the figures and hair were cut out of craft paper by free hand and glued. The background was done in watercolor. The faces, text, and shadowing were all done in Photoshop.

I really have enjoyed working on this project. I'm learning how to work with my traditional handmade art with different computer softwares. This concept was difficult for me at first. I have always used physical, what I can touch materials. Since I've started my graphic design program it has led me use ideas and techniques that seemed out of range for me.

I love working with paper (you'll see more projects in the near future that involve paper). I especially love the look of cutouts. I paired these clean line, bright colored cutouts with the look of free flowing, loose watercolors. The contrast between the two combine together to make a very well balanced feel.

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  1. I love her hair. Don't make her cut it!! She kinda looks like you,(in the 5th picture), when you are crabby. :) I think you managed to master a new artsy skill. Congrats!


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