lost and found

The other day I found several rolls of film that I didn't know I had. When they were developed I realized I had been hoarding these suckers for over three years. Needless to say I'm happy to of found them, I was feeling nostalgic of Missouri landscape.
The bottom pictures were taken in Oregon this summer, with this 360 camera. They were taken at the coast, in the forest near a dozen or so waterfalls, and at an old obsidian flow. I know, I know, I'll stop bragging now.


  1. I feel so very honored to be the very first person to post on your blog. This is a blog~right? :) Don't be a braggart. You've been taught better than that... Dandy was so pretty. Wish she wasn't so daring. Oregon is beautiful. Nice pics. It's an inherited trait. :)

  2. DId I ever tell you:

    "the kitty steals the show. and, i like jake's face at the bottom. really . . . handsome? yea."

    Your photos make me happy. I'll be there soon(ish).


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