We got a Christmas tree yesterday! (A real one!) She is quite a beauty. It was only after we tied her to the car did we realize the doors were tied shut also. So that resulted in us crawling through the back and confusing old men (who actually questioned us about what in the world we were doing).
I made cranberry garland to put on the tree. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'm guessing I'll end up with some craisins, which I might just be ok with. 


  1. Jake is looking quite scruffy and handsome. You better watch Ducky around a real tree. She may leave her own decorations...:) Ha! I wish I could have observed the people watching you guys enter the car!

  2. Yes! I love this. Let me know how your cranberries . . . uh . . . turn out? I mean, in a few weeks :)

    We ended up just buying a little rosemary shrub and some garland, but I think I'll go for a tree next year.

  3. One guy asked what was happening, I explained, and all he had to say was 'well I 'thought' you both looked like reasonable people, but....'. hahaha

    I will let you know, I just hope they don't start leaking!


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