The Return- Mary Oliver
The country of the mockingbird is where I now want to be,
thank you, yes.

The days when the snow-white swans might pass over the dunes
are the days I want to eat now, slowly and carefully
and with gratitude. Thank you.

The hours fresh and tidal are the hours I want to hold
in the palm of my hand, thank you, yes.

Such grace, thank you!

The gate I want to open now is the one that leads into
the flower-bed of my mind, thank you, yes.

Every day the slow, fresh wind, thank you, yes.

The wing, in the dark, that touches me.

Thank you.


1 comment:

  1. I want to drift with the mist of the white- headed wave over the trickling sand of the living,
    savoring memories of loves passed.
    Thank you, yes.

    Not to add to the beautiful poem but inspired by it.
    Your pics are great memories I hope to retain.


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