If I'm lucky, I get to see St. Helens, Adams, and Hood on my daily commute. They still get to me, even though it's been over a year since I saw them for the first time. In a quiet way, these giants tell me that my problems are not as big as I think, that there are much larger things in this world. I use them for perspective, to get a grip, and breathe just a bit easier. Sadly, with summer's last days and the endless rains on their way my conversations with the mountains will be less and less frequent.
I still know they are there though, just as overwhelming, tough, and unmoving.

(A couple weeks ago I got to know Mount St. Helens on a more personal level. We hiked up her sides, went into her caves, and were awestruck by just how beautiful she really is. I think we would be the best of friends, if I were a mountain or if she were a human. Or maybe we already are.)

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