(a summertime sequence)

Lately I..... have been seeing more colored leaves on the trees....... started my internship (it's only been one day, but I just go ahead and say, it's awesome).... ordered large scale prints of my own photos (for the first time)...... have been trying to run daily (or some might call it a fast walk)..... finished my first animation....

Honestly I'm not trying to brag, but I have been having a great week. I've been telling my mom that I feel like I could run a thousand miles on a regular basis. It would be nice to keep this feeling going, on to bigger and better things!


  1. Whoohoo!Glad you're having such a great week!! Hope it turns into a great month & year...:) Beautiful pics.Hhhmmmm...where in the world did you get all that artistic talent? :)


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