Who's looking more and more professional? That would be me! I finished my bizness cards! I really was impressed with the way they turned out since I just printed them from home. I first painted a bit of watercolor onto some thicker paper, then let dry, printed, glued each side together, and for the finishing touch sewed the edges for some nice texture. 
I also got a hair cut (first time in aaaabout two years, I know, I know, I was scolded severely by the hairdresser). I now have bangs and don't require three holders to keep it in a bun! (Jake immediately said I looked professional, I'm not sure that was the first response I was looking for, but I'll take it).


  1. So neat, Ally. You're officially grown up.

    1. I wouldn't say officially... hehe.

  2. look at you! i have "business" cards, but i'd love to have personal ones to use for freelance and such.

    and i LOVE the feel of doublethick paper. that + the thread detail look like such a great tactile experience! i sound super design nerdy, but i only say that because i know you'll understand. :)


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