Sooo, it is still a work in progress, but I have created an Etsy shop! (you can visit it at www.etsy.com/shop/allyanndesign) I've added some work that I've done and all of it is customizable! I hope you go and check it out!
Also yesterday was Ducky's appointed birthday (I'm not quite sure when it is exactly, but May Day always seems so festive and close enough). I made her a peanut butter/carrot cake with cottage cheese/yogurt frosting, yum! I also made some decorations and hats, but no one wanted to wear theirs' except for me. On top of it all I made homemade english muffins (DELICIOUS) and hamburger buns (flat).


  1. oh, you're so good! someday I'll get around to making a shop, maybe.

    1. i've been really trying to get some goals done this year... now that i've made it, it's on to trying to advertise/getsomeattention... it's never ending. (less than a month!!!!!)


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