Even though I'm surrounded by green outside, I felt like I still needed some inside. I started growing some herbs at the beginning of summer and they have out done themselves. My little basil plant has somehow grown into a mini tree and, to my surprise and delight, even blossomed with little white flowers. I planted them in some old cabbage mugs and pot that I bought years ago in MO. 
I bought my rose plant and Jake made fun of me for it, because it looked like it was on the verge of death. I pruned and coddled the little thing until one morning I saw 3 rosebuds on it. I was shocked and then of course had to boast of my green thumb to Jake. (My grandma saw pictures of them and told me they should be prize winners, which made me very proud. But I will also have to say my grandma also kills all green things, so I think she might just be impressed with anything alive.)
Sadly I have to admit I haven't taken full advantage of fresh herbs. Anyone have some decadent recipes for me to make?


  1. basil pesto! you have to make it and put in on toast, pasta, eggs, everything. it's the best thing about summertime (or having herbs indoors).

  2. Wow! That basil is going crazy! Jake ever sprout spores?


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